14.5 is the newest iOS version, and it comes with more improved advancements and interesting features than you realize. Even before the 14.5 update, there was continuous wave of speculation about what new changes users can expect. Users and developers view the 14.5 update as a step up from the previous version.

Key Features of Apple’s iOS Update

With the release of the new iOS update, let’s take a look at some of its features and improvements:

App Tracking Transparency

Apple has been advertising its long-awaited Tracking Transparency feature for some time. Tech analysts find this feature to be progressive as it safeguards the privacy of iPhone users. In layman’s terms, the new feature now mandates applications to ask permission from users before tracking their activities not related to the app.

Although most users have been aware of the security impact of open permissibility, users can now allow or revoke apps’ permission. It is vital to understand that Apple is requiring apps to ask for consent rather than block the practice. For instance, users can grant or dismiss the location access of an app.

More Diverse Siri Voices

One of Apple’s new initiatives is to increase diversity, and that means users no longer have to subject themselves to Default female Siri voice. In iOS 14.5, users have the option to choose from multiple Siri voices at the setup stage.

But that’s not all – users can also select from two American English Siri voices. Out of 4 new Siri voices, you can adjust the voice for a specific time from settings.

Another Siri feature allows users to request an emergency call. In short, users will see a 3-second countdown on the main screen to hold or cancel the emergency call request. If you move forward, Siri will call an emergency number like 911 on a speakerphone.

Unlock iPhone through Apple Watch

Usually, Face ID is great, but the pandemic crisis managed to bring into the spotlight one major issue; it doesn’t work when you’re wearing a face mask. With iOS 14.5, users can make their iPhone work just like Mac. It means you can unlock your iPhone even when you’re wearing a face mask through Apple Watch automatically.

Dual-sim 5G Support

Usually, if you own iPhone 12 and use it in dual-sim mode, you can’t expect more than a limited 4G LTE connection. If you don’t live in mainland China, it is a major downside. With 14.5 iOS, users can expect 5G global support on the dual-sim data connection.

New Shortcuts and Emojis

The shortcuts app allows users to change modes, take screenshots, and disable or enable ordination lock. As far as emojis go in iOS 14.5 update, users can now also enjoy a wide range of new emojis. In fact, Apple has added more than 200 new emojis in the latest iOS 14.5 update.

However, many new 200 new emojis serve as skin tone combinations for the kiss and heart emojis. On the other hand, there are some new emojis such as “heart on fire” and “face exhaling” for users. Also, users will love the newly redesigned existing emojis such as syringe and headphones that have a minimalist, non-intrusive, and modern look.

Changes in Music App

In the new iOS 14.5 update, there are numerous small design changes. For instance, users can now swipe right or left on tracks to add more tracks to their current list of songs. You can also download or add a song to your library. In terms of design, you can also notice the pop-over menus that allow users to share the lyrics on social media channels or iMessage with a long-press on the lyrics.

New Support for Game Controller

Another major update in the new iOS 14.5 is that users can now sync their Play Station 5 or Xbox Series X/S game controller to iPad or iPhone. Gamers can rejoice and connect the game controller to their iPhone or iPad and start playing instantly.

Moreover, users can now sort their Reminders list in specific criteria (i.e., Due Date, Default Manual, Title, Priority, and Creation Date). You can also print your Reminders lists.

Recalibration of Battery Health

Another feature that feels like it should have been released years ago is finally part of the new iOS 14.5 update. Users on iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, or iPhone 11 can make wrong estimations about remaining battery health that leads to reduced performance or potential battery drain. Fortunately, Apple has a pagethat guides users to recalibrate their iPhone’s battery health reporting.

Crash Reports in Apple Maps

In iOS 14.5 update, Apple Maps users will be able to share their crash reports, speed traps, and road hazards in real-time. It is an excellent way for users to navigate their traffic. Technically, Apple collects the traffic data and provides more suitable traffic routes as a backup.

Supported AirPlay 2 for Fitness+

Many users profess that it is a bummer that they cannot use Apple’s fitness subscription service on their Mac or a smart TV. Thanks to iOS 14.5 update, users can, in fact, now stream workouts from their iPad or iPhone to an AirPlay 2 device.

It is a huge improvement in terms of compatibility. Besides, the added compatibility makes sense because most TVs now support AirPlay 2. However, users cannot check real-time metrics on the TV screen. Still, it is worth it once you realize that the fitness service is far less restrictive.

Final Thoughts

Developers continue to test the iOS 14.5 and concur that it is a significant update. In all fairness, even new Siri voices and recalibration of battery health are major improvements that should be able to attract more users. Whether it’s the alternative Face ID or tracking transparency feature, there is something for everyone in the new iOS 14.5.


Disclaimer: recognizes the efforts being made by Apple and their new and altered features that promote user privacy. We hope they continue down this path.

Many thanks to Mike and the team at SEM Nexus for their contribution

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