2021 was another year when many people ended up having to work from home. The Pandemic has changed the world, and that includes the digital space. We bought you open-source solutions all year long and we've talked (a lot) about DNS and how to block trackers, anal-probe-alytics to assist you away from being manipulated on your devices. The team here at decentralize.today has done their usual great job (we believe) and done their homework and research to bring you news and tips and some hopefully good advice over the year.

We are grateful for every single article submitted by all our contributors, occasional or otherwise, and by some of our new additions, such as Nate from TheNewOil. We enjoy working with everyone and to continuing to build out the network further into next year.

As the nominal 'head' of this collective, I want to take this moment to recognize the fabulous team here, people who I don't just work with but whom I admire for what they do. All incredible friends and I can only wish that we will all be able to get together in 2022 and enjoy a drink and a chat...in person!

We are all extremely grateful that you choose to patronize our humble blog! And thank you keeping it going. It's a passion project for us, our little corner of the resistance!.

We will bring you more EXPOSED! Privacy Cookbook entries & updates, Tweetstorms, maybe a couple of Tootstorms, 21 Questions, Daily Doses as well as articles on privacy, blockchain, decentralization and cryptocurrency related news in 2022.

Hopefully, we will see some sort of an end to the pandemic, and a more positive 2022. We are sure it will be a year when we see more hacks, more data leaks, more privacy invasive company decisions or laws coming into place. But we are also sure we will see people fighting back, who change their behaviour and take back some of their privacy with every small step they take. Privacy is freedom, and once you give up privacy, it's hard to get it back. But in an online world we still have options, we have companies and developers who do actually fight the good fight.

To all the developers out there, who do build, keep building, you are the people who make things happen. 2022 will be your year! And with every great privacy related open-source project we all getting a bit more freedom back.

With love and our best wishes for 2022,

From The Privacy Advocate & the entire decentralize.today team

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