Not long ago, I posted about encryption and privacy on the web using the Tor browser. Many Tor users also run the Tails operating system to make their computer more secure.What is Tails?

Tails  is a Linux operating system which you download and install onto a USB  drive (or CD). When your computer boots up, you tell it to run Tails  instead of your regular Windows/Mac/Linux operating system.How does Tails help keep me secure?

  • All its internet traffic goes over Tor, so you can't open or be tricked into opening a public-web connection.
    If you download software which tries to 'phone home', this will keep you hidden.
  • Using a USB / LiveCD means that everything resets when you reboot.
    No one can install lasting spyware or tracking cookies. No one can dig up old files from a previous session.Can I use Tails for everything?

I'll  repeat the caveats that I wrote earlier about using Tor. Someone who  monitors your network (a university campus, corporate office, or  government working with ISPs) will see that your internet usage is  different. The best place to use Tor is at a library or a public wi-fi connection that can't be traced back to you.
If you're using Tor for general privacy / general interest and not going up against a government, then it's OK to use at home.Do smart people trust Tails?

Yes. It gets used by a lot of different people.

The US Military's Combating Terrorism Centre consider the anonymous Tails OS a threat:


And that's why you should use Tails OS.Tails OS homepage

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