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Daily Dose: Japan to Explore Digital Yen

Japan plans to form expert panel to explore digital yen: ReportThe ministry plans to leverage the expert panel’s findings to get ready for the potential launch of a digital version of the yen.CointelegraphJudith BannermanQuist Japan's Finance Ministry is planning to establish an expert panel in April to explore...

Daily Dose: Crypto Donations to Surpass $10B in a Decade

Crypto donations to surpass $10B in a decade: The Giving BlockAll-time donations within the crypto charity platform The Giving Block reached $125 million in 2022.CointelegraphEzra Reguerra According to The Giving Block’s 2023 annual report titled “Crypto Philanthropy Data, Trends & Predictions,” all-time crypto donations in the platform surpassed $125...

Feature: Why A Password Manager May Not Be As Safe As You Think

Password managers can be convenient tools for staying on top of digital security. With so many websites today requiring uppercase, lowercase, and special case characters, you might feel like you need a system just to keep track of them all. There's a dark side to password managers, however, and it...

Daily Dose: 'The Government Should Fear AI, Not Crypto'

The government should fear AI, not crypto: Galaxy Digital CEOGalaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz wants regulators to shift their attention towards AI, an industry that he thinks may cause an “deep fake” identity crisis.CointelegraphBrayden Lindrea Mike Novogratz, the CEO of digital asset investment firm Galaxy Digital told investors he...

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