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Daily Dose: Brazil Giant Launches BTC and ETH Trading

Brazil brokerage giant with 3.6M clients launches BTC and ETH tradingBrokerage giant XP Inc officially launches new crypto platform XTAGE allowing their 3.6 million client base to trade BTC) and ETH for the first time.CointelegraphStephen Katte Brazilian brokerage giant XP Inc has officially launched its crypto trading...

Daily Dose: Acala Exploit Raises Questions

Network and token freeze after Acala exploit raises questionsIssuer of the aUSD stablecoin Acala was struck by a hacker who minted 1.2 billion tokens without collateral, depegging the price of the asset to below a cent.CointelegraphBrian Newar The Acala Network’s aUSD stablecoin depegged by over 99% over...

Privacy Advocate

Privacy Update: PrivSec - Part 2 - threat modeling

In the second part of this series, I'll look at how to identify the level of threat your online presence could present and how you address that. Define the threat A common misconception many people have is to assume that the greatest or only threat comes from 'Big Tech', this...

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