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Daily Dose: 3 Foreign Central Banks Explore CBDC

Israel, Norway and Sweden central banks partner with BIS to explore CBDC paymentsThe BIS’ Innovation Hub Nordic Centre and three central banks will jointly test key functions and connect their domestic CBDC systems.CointelegraphTurner Wright The Bank for International Settlements, or BIS, has reported it will be partnering with the...

Daily Dose: MEV Bot Earns & Loses $1M

MEV bot earns $1M but loses everything to a hacker an hour laterA bot with the prefix 0xbadc0de was exploited, draining its balance of 1,101 Ether, around $1.4 million at the time of publication.CointelegraphEzra Reguerra An Ethereum arbitrage trading bot managed to hit the jackpot and lose...

Big H

ROUNDUP: Recent Altcoin and Social Media Updates

Just a quick catch up on recent projects or news updates GrapheneOS We have multiple ways to take part in/be part of the @GrapheneOS Community, via our portals: Twitter: Forum: [Matrix] MetropleX (@Metr0pl3x)...

Daily Dose: Mastercard Customizable NFT Debit Cards

Bored Apes, Moonbirds to feature on NFT-customized Mastercard debit cardsMastercard has partnered with cryptocurrency exchange “hi” offering a “world-first” customizable debit card that can feature select NFT avatars from popular blue chip collections.CointelegraphJudith BannermanQuist Mastercard has launched customizable nonfungible token (NFT) debit cards, allowing some cardholders who own avatars...

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