Brazilian tattoo artist launches an NFT Tattoo collection for Dia dos Namorados (Lovers Day) - like Valentine’s Day in Brazil but celebrated on June 12th - according to a presser received this week detailing this interesting Real 'Live' Use Case!

In Brazil this month is a time when couples in love look for gifts that mark and leave a positive and lasting impression, expressing the happiness they live in their relationships. Dia dos Namorados, Lovers Day in Portuguese, is alike Valentine’s Day and will be celebrated next Sunday and making and gifting a tattoo is one of the most sought after options among romantic people.

Thinking about meeting this greater demand in a differentiated and exclusive way, tattoo artist Malu Toledo, known for her fine and delicate lines, is offering a collection of NFTs Tattoos for Valentine's Day. These are brand new designs, created to be applied in pairs, plus an option of a single item to singles persons. As a theme, the arts bring elements that refer to the universe of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Everyone who purchases the NFTs earns the right to schedule the application of the drawings as real tattoos, which can be performed at Malu's studio (nickname for Maria Luiza), located in São Paulo city, Brazil. The collection is now available on the NFTs gallery (, who also features artworks from Brazilian graphic artists and photographers, targeting a global audience.

Despite being a novelty in Brazil, last year in USA a collective of tattoo artists launched All our Best (, starting adopting NFTs to shift the way tattoos are valued in order to elevate tattooing to a true archival artform.

For Malu Toledo (Instagram:, tattooing on the skin is an art that becomes part of a person's life, it grows, evolves and adapts along with you. A vision that can be applied to blockchain technology and NFTs, which, like a tattoo, guarantees security, possession and permanence of the work of art, directly valuing and rewarding its owners, authors and creators.

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